DnD life

For a long time I thought as most people thought, "DnD? Isn't that that nerd game? Pshh! I may be a nerd but I'm not THAT nerdy..." But then I grew up a little, felt a little less worried about what other people thought of my level of nerdiness. Especially as nerd culture itself became more socially acceptable.

And then I was invited to play an EPIC game of DnD by way of a co-worker/friend of mine. I had no idea what to expect. I was preparing for something that probably wasn't that great, or didn't really fit my style of a more video game/animation nerd. But DnD got in there. It got into my heart in a way only a good story can. It created a way to dive into a world of imagination with my friends and even people I may not know.

This is one of my first drawings of our characters in my first DnD group

It touched some part of my heart that I hadn't talked to in a while, the wild world-creating part. That part that didn't care who you were cause we were all going to go on an adventure together! It was childlike in nature, but not in the selfish or ignorant way, in the pure and unashamed way. It sparked my creativity and I found that in each session I couldn't stop drawing, and thinking, and planning for the next adventure. What would this world hold for us? How would we help these people in this city? How would we continue to build this story together?

My character for our character tokens

But the best part about DnD was the other real-life people, next to me, creating this story. And the people somewhere in the world that had written up this story we then used to play, and altered it in a way to create our own story and our own world.

Some might think that is something childish or nerdy or even antisocial. But I would argue that it's one of the most socially stimulating things a person can do. I've always felt that telling stories is one of the deepest aspects of human behavior, next to music. I can only speak for myself, but story telling and creation touches parts of my mind that I would relate to creating music. It's something that is deeply felt like the satisfaction I feel when staring into a campfire. I don't quite know why it moves me, but it does.

Serilda the Elf Hunter

It brought us all together in a way that no other game, or party, or gathering could, nerdy as it might be. It was lovely. My friends and I spent a lot of time playing that silly game. But I don't regret it. I would highly recommend it! So if you have a chance at some point to play Dungeons and Dragons with your friends. Please, please do.

Sidenote: I worked on this little number for Retro Report with my friend and co-worker Sonnye Lim, about Dungeons and Dragons and it effects for one man in particular, Junot Díaz.